Can your team work together to save themselves - or even the world?

Escape room games are great for anyone who likes a mental challenge - families, groups of friends, birthday parties, date night… and

Façade Escape Rooms is a great place for corporate events too!

Escape room team building is a growing trend because the games inspire creative thinking, problem solving, and working together toward a common goal. Escape rooms provide a fun group experience away from the usual workplace activity.

Escape rooms can also allow managers to observe their team members in a controlled challenge scenario. The skills needed to succeed in an escape room reflect those needed to succeed in a workplace – working under time pressure, navigating uncertainty, lateral thinking, communicating and collaborating as a team - and it’s a fun way to exercise and develop those skills.

Because escape rooms are a mental challenge, not a physical one, this makes the team building experience appealing and accessible to a wider range of your team members.

How can you use an escape room experience to benefit your business?



"Never having done an escape room before we weren't sure what to expect, but Angela and her team have done a great job setting up the rooms. The clues and puzzles were a challenge without being impossible to solve and the whole scenario really required us to collaborate and work as a team. Thank you Angela and team for making our Christmas party an experience to remember, we can't wait to come back in 2019 to take on Sabotage.”

Ramsay Health Care

“It was a great opportunity for our team to work together to solve a puzzle different to the ones we solve every day at work. The escape room was an excellent mix of pressure, teamwork, brain challenge and fun. Our team had a great time, lots of laughs and stories to tell. I would highly recommend the Façade Room to other organisations looking for something different for a team building activity.”

Port Macquarie Orthodontics

"This was a great activity to do on our team building day, allowing everyone to participate and show their hidden leadership talent in a fun and relaxed environment. Everyone loved it!”

Focus Magazine

“A great way to kick off the first day back at work, thanks to Façade Escape Rooms for a great team building day.”